My Special Mind

Genre:¬†Children’s fiction/special education (behavior, ADHD, disabilities, etc.)/social skills

2018 Purple Dragonfly Award Winner: Special Needs and Disability Awareness e-book category.

“My Special Mind” is about the struggles and attributes of having a special mind. It’s a great social story about how everyone thinks differently and has their own talents and creativity. Great for teachers and parents alike. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed creating it.



¬†“Love love love this. As a mom of a son with ADHD I know the struggles first-hand. This explains the disorder for kids who may feel different and left out. I can’t wait to show my son this book!!”

“Absolutely amazing. Such an eye-opening glimpse into what a child with a Special Mind goes through and deals with on a daily basis. Fantastic job Trey for sharing with the world just how wonderful and special you are. Kudos to Laura for the love and support you have for Trey and your family.”

“An absolutely heartwarming story about embracing differences. It gives everyone a glimpse of what others may see on the outside and the struggle felt on the inside. It teaches we should embrace our uniqueness and strive to keep on reaching for our goals!”

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“My Special Mind” is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and an e-book.



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