Meet The Authors

Creators of "My Special Mind".

My name is Laura Day. I'm a special education teacher, and also this handsome man's mom.  The strapping young gentleman standing next to me is Trey Day.

Our Story

Trey is diagnosed with severe ADHD, ODD, Epilepsy, and sensory sensitivities.  With all of this comes challenges.  I would always hear grumbles from him about how "he just can't do this or that". I wanted to find a way to inspire and empower him to prove to him that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and work hard for it.  We sat down together and I had him make 2 lists.  1 list for all of his successes, and another list for all of his struggles.  I took those 2 lists and created this beautiful story. "My Special Mind" started out as a project just between us, a special way for us to bond.  After reading the finished story, I soon realized that this book was truly something special and felt compelled to share it with the world.  Trey's perspective on daily life and his thought process is felt by so many children and adults alike.  That's what makes this book unique.