The Wait

The waiting.

The waiting has got to stop.  The “I can’t” needs to change to “I can”.

The “it’s too hard” needs to become “it’s hard, but I’ve got this.”

The “I quit” needs to become “let me try”.

The waiting has got to stop.

Too many minutes of my day is spent waiting. Waiting on students to try first before I intercede.  Half of the battle is in the attempt.  Attempts that most of the time go unmade.

After instructions are read, problems are modeled, questions are asked, manipulatives are used, comes the waiting.  Students have gotten into this bad habit of waiting for someone to come along and do it for them.  So, they sit there and wait.  Why?  Have we created a culture of learned helplessness in our kids?

Thinking back to my own kids I am guilty of this too.  I have done things for them at times because it was “just easier”, or faster, or less messy.  I became a teacher after I became a parent, and it’s taught me something I wish I would have learned sooner.  Let the children make the mess. Let them take longer or do it “their way”, because at least then an attempt was made.  I wish I would have known that by letting kids figure things out the “hard way” it’s their brains way of learning how to problem solve.  With problem solving comes experience.  Experience is one skill we as teachers can’t teach in a classroom.  We try as much as we can to fill in those gaps of missing experiences, but you must remember that their day is completely packed with academics too.  Expectations are high!

“Kids need more recess, they need to play more”.  I hear this all the time, and I agree.  However, time just isn’t a luxury we have in our jammed packed day to accomplish the “extra”.

We as a society need to change our way of thinking and reshape the “I cant’s” to the “I cans”.  So, parents here’s my plea.  Let your kids be kids and give them the extra time, mess, and let them experience things their way.  We as parents need to back off and step aside.  These little learners are doing just that, learning.  Will it be more work on you?  Absolutely!  Parenting is a hard gig.  A very hard gig.  And those of us who were lucky enough to be blessed with special needs kiddos, it may seem impossible at times.  But that’s what we signed up for as parents.  We are here to help guide our children to be lifelong learners and thinkers.  They are our next president, CEO, entrepreneur, and the list goes on and on.  Let’s help them achieve success in life by teaching them how to think for themselves, so the waiting stops.

Because the waiting has got to stop!

Laura Day

April 15, 2018

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